Cogent Features Tour

From intelligent workflow powered by a sophisticated rules engine, to built-in measurement and reporting tools, the Cogent solution integrates all the features you need to optimize collections and case management and drive a more profitable organization. Learn more about the range of features that come standard with every Cogent installation:


The Cogent solution is easy for Collectors to use and offers a variety of features for Collection Managers. Its customizable workflow lets you drive your inventory and ensure your team works the most profitable accounts.


Case Management Tools and custom workflows ensure your cases are managed consistently, effectively and in compliance with client and regulatory requirements.

Intelligent Documents

An integrated Document Manager lets you develop, access and maintain your documents with greater flexibility.


The Cogent rules engine increases the efficiency and accuracy of the way your accounts are processed by removing subjectivity and manual interventions, and establishing specific business rules.


Cogent's standard reporting and analysis tools enable you to assess and manage measurements that are relevant to your clients, giving you a significant advantage over the competition.

Client Accounting

Automate the usually slow and inaccurate process of posting and reporting transactions to your clients quickly and correctly with the Cogent Client Accounting Module.