Schlee and Stillman, LLC and Legal Outsource, LLC

Description: Schlee & Stillman is a Maryland-based attorney collection firm currently litigating in three states.

Situation: In early 2009, two attorneys formed a new partnership with the objective to quickly grow into a regional presence. The partners needed a solution that would implement quickly to help them manage the complexity of multi-state litigation.

Result: Cogent worked with Schlee & Stillman to set up a full collections litigation solution and in just 90 days, the firm was managing accounts and filing suits. In a little under eight months after opening, Schlee & Stillman has now expanded operations into three states. Their ability to rapidly deploy service accounts in multiple states with unique state-driven workflows and forms has helped them establish relationships with some of the largest and most well respected clients and creditors in the industry. With the Cogent solution delivering increased efficiencies and profitability, Schlee & Stillman continues to grow their list of clients and placements, and plan to expand their footprint and legal services.

"Cogent has allowed us to move quickly and efficiently on a number of fronts with our new business. We loaded seven new interfaces for both clients and vendors and today, our staff and clients are very happy with the ease of use and the flexibility of the system. Cogent is certainly a key to our success."

- David R. Schlee Jr.
Managing Director and Member
Legal Outsource LLC and Schlee and Stillman, LLC